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You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

You guys! Fair warning that I’m about to get a little woo woo. I also just quoted Katy Perry. So, with those two facts in mind, you can decide for yourself whether you want to read any further. (Thanks for reading further.) This weekend I took a mini-road trip to attend an out-of-town yoga workshop with a […]

Turn Your World Upside Down

My childhood was consumed with large quantities of time spent walking around on my hands. I adored being upside down and did gymnastics for many years. Kick up, fall down. Kick up, fall down. Kick up, fall down. I repeated this over and over and over again, loving every second of the process. Until one […]

Tapas, not the Spanish kind

Tapas is a Sanskrit word meaning “to burn” that — in the context of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras — is often described as “fiery discipline.”  What does that mean, you ask? Tapas is that well of passion simmering deep inside of you that keeps you going when the going gets tough. Tapas lights a fire underneath your ass and gets […]

It’s YOUR Practice

From the very first time I stepped onto a mat at It’s All Yoga, my inner dialogue before each practice has been largely the same: I thank myself for moving away from the computer and off the couch. I recognize that simply by walking through the studio doors, I’ve done something kind and loving. I remind myself […]

Maybe You Can: An Ode to Being Wrong

Have you ever been 100% convinced that you couldn’t do something, only to find out that you were 100% wrong?  The other day I took the day off from work and spent the morning practicing yoga with a friend. We came in with a semi-plan (we were headed towards going upside down), but mostly we […]

I Come To My Mat To Feel

Tight. Gripping. Always right (or completely silent). In control. In balance. Wanting things to look a certain way. Striving. Succeeding. Intimidating. Feeling superior. Wanting to manage people, situations, everything. Doing what I am supposed to do. Getting it right. I am these things, though I do not relish admitting this to you (or to myself). […]

A Whole New Perspective on Relationships

Every once in a while something happens — you hear something, you read something, you think something — and boom your perspective irrevocably shifts. I had one of those moments last weekend during teacher training when we listened to Ajahn Amaro’s (a Buddhist monk) Dharma Talk about relationships and sexuality. For the two weeks prior, we had been studying […]

Restorative Yoga and Taming My Inner Teenager

While in a recent restorative yoga class with the wonderful Tami Hackbarth I realized something: restorative yoga is kind of like boot camp training for my brain to help prepare me to successfully spend time with my family (or to do other potentially temper tantrum-inducing activities). Whhhhat? Restorative yoga … boot camp … has she lost her marbles? Well, […]

I Skipped Yoga Because I Didn’t Have Any Clean Pants

Ever since I moved, my daily routine has been completely out of whack. Sure, it makes sense — moving is always disruptive, and it’s entirely natural that being in a new space will mean that I develop new routines. Used to write in my journal at night? Maybe now morning time feels better. Used to practice […]

Here We Go! (Again)

This week I’ve had a case of “I’m going to do it all-acitis“: Unpack and set up my entire apartment exactly as I want it? Sure, that sounds reasonable! Get all my homework done? Even though I said I wasn’t gonna, I sure tried… Watch one more episode of my favorite TV show? Absolutely, couldn’t miss it! Take […]

How Not Doing My Homework Was “Doing My Homework” … Ahimsa and Taking the Most Peaceful Path

I’ve got to admit, it’s been a rough week. We were warned that re-entry into the world might be hard after spending an entire weekend wrapped within the safe warm cocoon that is Teacher Training at It’s All Yoga … yet, I still wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead. Life hit me on all fronts: […]

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And So It Begins

As I mentioned earlier, for the next five months I will be spending every other weekend immersed in a yoga teacher training program. Today marks the completion of weekend number one. I embarked on this adventure scared, trepidatious, unsure of what to expect, excited for whatever was to come, and somehow confident that this particular […]

I Could Never Be a Yoga Teacher (and Other Stories I Tell Myself)

In 12 short days, I will embark on a 200 hour yoga teacher training adventure…… yet, right now my head is swimming with stories about why I could never be a yoga teacher: I’m terrible at public speaking. My hands shake and my face turns red when I get in front of an audience. I […]