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Tomorrow Is A New Day

I’ve had a doozy of a day. Maybe you can relate? It’s been one of those non-stop, take-no-prisoners, everyone is frustrated and everything is an emergency kind of experiences. Hmm.. you too? The fact that I’d been away on a super sweet long weekend leave-the-cell-phone-at-home backpacking getaway didn’t even soften the blow. Not even a little. […]

How You Do Anything

Consider this statement: How you do anything is how you do everything. What do I mean, you ask? I mean- How you feed yourself is how you nourish yourself… ♥ Do you do it out of obligation? Do you savor each bite? Do you even notice that you’re eating amidst the flurry of distractions — tv, texting, work, not […]


Pause for a moment with me. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Feel the expansion and contraction of your lungs and rib cage… Notice the gentle rise and fall of your chest and belly… Hear the soft whisper of your breath… Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Allow your breath to slow down… Allow your racing thoughts to mellow… Inhale. Exhale. […]

How Do You Want To Feel?

Recently I read this Danielle LaPorte blog post that stuck with me in a big time way. In there she proclaims that “the journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel,” — “you can’t fight your way to inner peace,” — and “you can’t punish your way to joy.” Woah. Right? These words […]

Be Your Own Santa Claus

Welp, it’s officially the holiday season. How do I know? Because the other day I cried all the tears on the planet. No seriously, there was a veritable rainstorm of tears uncontrollably streaming out of my eyes for nearly the entire day. And no my friends, I’m NOT talking about ‘pretty crying’ where one or two tears quietly […]

What Are You Looking For?

The other morning I found myself on Cloud 9. It wasn’t that everything was going smoothly — there were certainly things I could complain about. Yet I wasn’t complaining. In fact, I was filled with joy. So what was different? I realized that I was looking for (and seeing) all of the ways my life was perfect. […]

You Get What You Give

Have you ever found yourself thinking — “poor me, why don’t I have XY&Z?” (Yeah, me too.) Maybe you look around the world and see other people who seem to have what you want… Close heartfelt connections… Sentimental gifts… Loving family relationships… Direct honest communication… Or whatever else might be on your version of this list. […]

Destruction, Desire and ‘Hostile Takeovers’

A few weeks ago Danielle LePorte posed the question: How do you feel about destroying what must be destroyed in your life? And to be perfectly honest, at first I was feeling resistant. Extremely. Resistant. Sure, the desire to change is strong. And it’s easy to identify habitual patterns and ways of being that served a purpose at one […]

The Practice of Showing Up

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to “Show Up” this week because this gremlins in my head urging me to bail have been having a field day. Things I totally want to do, things I definitely don’t want to do, things that scare me, exciting stuff … it doesn’t matter. My inner gremlins, […]

How to NOT Let the Stress Monsters Eat You Alive: Self Care for Stressful Times

You might say that this month has been stressful. And I don’t mean the normal everyday flavor of stress… oh no! I’m referring to that extra-special, keep-you-up-at-night brand of stress that makes you want to crawl underneath your desk and curl up in the fetal position. (And yes, I know you know exactly what I’m talking about, because we’ve […]

It’s YOUR Practice

From the very first time I stepped onto a mat at It’s All Yoga, my inner dialogue before each practice has been largely the same: I thank myself for moving away from the computer and off the couch. I recognize that simply by walking through the studio doors, I’ve done something kind and loving. I remind myself […]

The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

I’m not typically a big fan of “the woo woo stuff” (as Michelle, my teacher and friend, calls it), but lately I’ve been thinking that the Universe — while mysterious — must have some sort of larger plan in mind. I see glimpses of it in nature: the complex system through which plants convert the sun’s rays into […]

We Have What We Need

So, I was having a full on pity party the other night. It went something like: Poor me! {Fill in the blank} hasn’t happened. What’s wrong with me? Why are other people getting x, y, and z, but I’m not? I must not be good enough. I must not deserve it. Maybe if I try […]

What You Focus On Expands

This week I did the Peel’d Juice Cleanse. Ok ok, let’s be honest — I didn’t so much as “cleanse,” but rather I drank a lot of juice and ate other food too. See, I lasted exactly one-and-three-quarter days with the whole no meat, dairy, soy, wheat, beans, refined sugar (and so on and so […]

You Write the Story

Have you ever said to yourself — “Who, me? I could never do that!“ Yeah, me too. In fact, it’s been my go-to self-limiting statement for years. Who, me? I could never: Dance like I don’t care who is watching. Fly solo to an event, movie, or dinner out. Survive a night without television or my iPhone to keep […]

The Waiting Game

Last week I did a whole bunch of teaching yoga. Well, to be entirely accurate, I co-taught a class on Friday, did a private lesson on Saturday, and taught a class on Tuesday. While teaching 3x probably doesn’t actually qualify as a “whole bunch,” it felt like a lot. A. Whole. Lot. Okay okay, if we’re being totally honest, I was […]

Finding Some Ease Around “The Tough Stuff” With A Bit of Everyday Gratitude

So, I’ve been feeling a lot this week, which is honestly uncomfortable for me. And I’ve had a whole bunch of emotion-provoking material to work with (read: there is some tough life stuff happening). Work-related stressors are plentiful, a good friend moved away, my grandmother’s health took a turn for the worse, there is an abundance […]

I Come To My Mat To Feel

Tight. Gripping. Always right (or completely silent). In control. In balance. Wanting things to look a certain way. Striving. Succeeding. Intimidating. Feeling superior. Wanting to manage people, situations, everything. Doing what I am supposed to do. Getting it right. I am these things, though I do not relish admitting this to you (or to myself). […]

A Single Day Without Sugar

In honor of studying Saucha (the first of five Niyamas/observances, commonly translated to mean purity or cleanliness), Michelle asked us to complete a one-day fast on the topic and day of our choosing. We were to: Consider what you need to fast on…where do you proliferate, clutter, confuse your life unnecessarily. Chose one aspect of your life […]

Sometimes You Need a Swift Kick in the Ass

Recently I went out to dinner with a good friend who knows me well enough to read between the lines of what I am saying, and is forthright enough to directly call me out on my stuff. It’s a great combination. As we caught each other up about everything that had happened (or not happened) […]

Meditation: One Breath at a Time

Have you ever tried to sit and be present for 10 minutes? For that matter, have you ever tried to take 10 consecutive deep breathes, without getting distracted? Well, if not, let me tell you: it’s hard. No, like REALLY. HARD. Meditation 101 During yoga teacher training this past weekend, we discussed meditation with Alicia (one of […]

The Sticky Space In Between

A few months ago the lovely Michelle taught a yoga class where she talked about “the sticky space in between.” The idea was something along these lines: You’re not quite where you started, but you’re not yet to the next destination. Things are changing, it’s uncomfortable, and and you will likely feel inclined to rush through as […]

Restorative Yoga and Taming My Inner Teenager

While in a recent restorative yoga class with the wonderful Tami Hackbarth I realized something: restorative yoga is kind of like boot camp training for my brain to help prepare me to successfully spend time with my family (or to do other potentially temper tantrum-inducing activities). Whhhhat? Restorative yoga … boot camp … has she lost her marbles? Well, […]

Do It Scared, Again and Again

Lately I’ve been pretty busy patting myself on the back for being willing to do things that scare me. And it’s not like I don’t deserve some kudos; in the recent past I legitimately have done a ton of things that terrify me (hello, blogging!). However … It occurred to me yesterday that it’s one […]

I Skipped Yoga Because I Didn’t Have Any Clean Pants

Ever since I moved, my daily routine has been completely out of whack. Sure, it makes sense — moving is always disruptive, and it’s entirely natural that being in a new space will mean that I develop new routines. Used to write in my journal at night? Maybe now morning time feels better. Used to practice […]

Here We Go! (Again)

This week I’ve had a case of “I’m going to do it all-acitis“: Unpack and set up my entire apartment exactly as I want it? Sure, that sounds reasonable! Get all my homework done? Even though I said I wasn’t gonna, I sure tried… Watch one more episode of my favorite TV show? Absolutely, couldn’t miss it! Take […]

How Not Doing My Homework Was “Doing My Homework” … Ahimsa and Taking the Most Peaceful Path

I’ve got to admit, it’s been a rough week. We were warned that re-entry into the world might be hard after spending an entire weekend wrapped within the safe warm cocoon that is Teacher Training at It’s All Yoga … yet, I still wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead. Life hit me on all fronts: […]

A New Year’s Resolution … Or Not?

So, it’s New Year’s Day and I have been appreciating reading the many blog posts that are popping up about people’s new year’s resolutions, intentions for 2013, and the like. In fact, today has been a good day: I enjoyed a soul detoxifying yoga class this morning, a long walk, some good music, and the […]

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

Someone close to me once said that I have a “catastrophic imagination” because I have a strong tendency to imagine the worst. A friend doesn’t return a phone call – obviously they hate me. In a dark alley – obviously I’m about to get raped, mugged, and murdered. Start to get sick – obviously I’m […]

Be Here Now

Tis the season for family, tradition, memories of years past, reflecting on the year that is ending, and setting goals for the year that is about to come. For me, that has meant a daily struggle to stay present with what is Here. Right. Now. Last night I found myself sitting in the living room […]

My Weight

They say that you should be careful when talking about religion and politics. Well, I would like to add one more subject to that list: my weight. A little while ago someone I hadn’t seen for about a month asked me several very direct questions about my recent weight loss. (I did shed upwards of […]

Do It Scared

There are a LOT of things that scare me: Bugs (spiders, eek!!) Dirt, germs, mold, bacteria Spoiled or unrefrigerated food Being vulnerable Guns Confined spaces (underground caves and submarines are definitely a no-go) Fast things Loud things Saying the wrong thing (public speaking) Trying new things Heights Failure … I could go on, but I […]