Hello and welcome! I’m glad you stopped by.

Who am I?

My name is Rebekah (friends call me Bekah for short). By day I’m a university administrator and on nights and weekends I blog about my not-so-fascinating life. I also volunteer with an awesome nonprofit organization called the Awareness Institute, practice (and occasionally teach) yoga, cook (mostly vegetarian), read copious amounts of non-fiction, nerd out on astrology, hang out with a cat named Lila, hoard sharpie markers, attempt to go to the gym regularly, and dream about becoming a runner (and by that, I mean that my goal is to someday run a 5k without stopping).

What is this blog about?

People ask me what this blog is about and I tell them: this blog is about me — my experiences, lessons learned, mistakes made — my life. But that’s not the whole answer. This blog is really about the human experience. I’m human, you’re human, and — as it turns out — my quirks and idiosyncrasies are not nearly as unique as I once thought them to be. In fact, we’ve probably got a lot in common!

While we’re at it, here are few other miscellaneous things you might care to know about me:

+ I went to law school, but I don’t practice law. Yes, I passed the bar. No, I don’t want to practice law. Yes, I’m glad I went to law school (except the two minutes each month I spend paying off my student loans). And yes, I’m serious about that whole not wanting to practice law thing.

+ To stay (mostly) sane, I practice yoga and meditate. And by meditate, I mean that I sit on a cushion and breathe for at least 15 minutes each morning and evening… no really, it’s harder than it sounds.

+ I appreciate the little things. Things that fill my heart with joy include: The way the heater magically turned on just before I had to pry myself out of bed each morning last winter. Fresh flowers. Handwritten notes. The first taste of a homemade meal. The little things really are the big things, no?

+ I am a “slow and steady wins the race” sort of person, except that there is no race and nothing to win. So, I guess that just makes me slow and steady.

Who are you?

I’m always curious about who is reading my blog, so if you’d like to introduce yourself, please go ahead! Comments are always appreciated or you can email me at bekahoutsidethebox at gmail dot com. I look forward to connecting with you.



  1. i am finally learning about slow and steady. for me it spells, s-a-n-e.

    1. ohh, sane is always a desirable destination! you’re in good company for sure :)

  2. ps – i love that picture of you, absolutely adorable!

  3. It’s rather liberating to push “publish” now isn’t it? I had better get me some fine-tipped sharpies and see what that’s all about! Love your blog, and I agree with Tami, great picture of you!

    1. it is! never would have guessed that it would feel that way when i started… :)) thanks for your sweet words and i’ll bring you a sharpie on Friday – what’s your favorite color?!

  4. very good blog! i will follow you!!:))))

    1. thank you!! and welcome! so happy to have you as part of this community :))

  5. I’m going to follow you for a while, Bekah, ‘cos I like your style.

    I was impressed reading your ‘About’ until I came to ‘I’m an astrology believer!’ What?! Seriously? How ‘spot on’ can coincidence and the combination of cleverly written general statements be? It’s wise to be sceptical until you have clear, unambiguous, empirical evidence to the contrary.

    1. Thanks Terry! Welcome – glad to have you here.

      And as for the astrology bit…. I know, I used to be a skeptic too! But I’ve had my chart done a few times now by reputable folks and it’s pretty incredible how people who really don’t know me very well can so accurately describe my quirky personality traits and tendencies…. How about we agree to disagree on that one? :)))

  6. OK. Agree to disagree sounds acceptable. Although, you realise of course that any of the ‘reputable folk’ that you mention could earn them self $1M if they can prove the validity of what they claim.


    1. haha! good to know :))

  7. Oh, and thanks for the follow.

  8. Happy to have discovered your blog.

    1. Thanks!! So happy that you’re here. xo

  9. Hi, Bekah. I’m Gerry. Alexis pointed me toward you; she has been a good friend of our son, Chris. The bike connection, ya know. I think what Alexis does now is cool (and necessary) too. I like changing the world. I look forward to following your thoughts. If you like poetry of a haiku flavor I have things at http://sonomabuzz.net/. Peace be with you.

    1. Hi Gerry, thanks for checking out my blog and for leaving a note to say hi! Alexis is one of my most favorite people. :) I’m looking forward to checking out your poetry. Here’s to changing the world one little bit at a time! Warmest regards. -Bekah

  10. Hi Bekah! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog! I love to flip the box on it’s side (I still live comfortably inside of the box for the most part) and am constantly inspired by this weird, fun and beautiful world that we have around us. I’ve recently fallen in love with yoga too! It has taught me so much about myself, my moods, the way I feel and about the world as well! I look forward to viewing things from your perspective and I hope you’ll check out my little world too :)

    1. Hi and welcome!! It sounds like we’ve got a whole bunch in common – so glad you found BOTB! I’ve followed your blog and look forward to seeing how your yoga/life journey unfolds… <3

  11. Hello, Bekah. I have to say that it’s your name that first got my attention and then the yoga and then the vegetarianism. But now that I think about it, it’s your authenticity that’s so appealing. It really shines through. I like that…from another Bekah (who practices yoga and avoids meat but who lives in the very cold Midwest)

    1. Anyone who is named Bekah is automatically extra-cool in my book! Welcome welcome and thanks for the sweet comment <3

  12. Hi! You have a really nice blog with a cool unique style! :)
    I have a question though. You say you went to law school but didn’t become a lawyer. Did you go to law school just to try it out? I’m just a little confused on that part.

    1. Hi luna! When I started law school, I was pretty sure I wanted to practice law (and had even worked at a law office for two years before heading off to law school), but along the way that desire shifted as things sometimes do. :)

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