Tomorrow Is A New Day

I’ve had a doozy of a day. Maybe you can relate?

It’s been one of those non-stop, take-no-prisoners, everyone is frustrated and everything is an emergency kind of experiences. Hmm.. you too?

The fact that I’d been away on a super sweet long weekend leave-the-cell-phone-at-home backpacking getaway didn’t even soften the blow. Not even a little. {Seriously, that high felt like it wore off well before lunchtime.}

Why was my day such a doozy? I won’t bore you with the details, but for the most part it was nothing especially unique. Emails, a whole lot of them. A to-do list that won’t quit. That perpetual not-enough-time feeling. Looming deadlines that seem (and probably will be) impossible to meet. The constant interruptions inherent to my position. The usual story.

By 5:00 I’d reached what felt like the end of my rope. I walked back to my office feeling dejected. Today was shot and I hadn’t even started the one project I was supposed to devote my entire afternoon to completing. I felt a combination of frustration, victimization, exhaustion, and grrrrr. And to make matters worse, in my mind it was already Friday and the remaining three days of this week had occurred in the same manner as today, as if on auto-pilot, and nothing had gotten done.

Then a friend reminded me: I’m just on a ball of dirt spinning in the middle of nowhere and I should enjoy the ride.

I paused.

I took a deep breath.

I whimpered out another complaint or two.

I breathed again.

And then I realized something very simple with the utmost clarity: it’s all going to be okay. Tonight I will recharge. I have the honor of getting to be with some easy-going friends who I love for a low-key dinner/birthday-celebration. We will laugh. We may cry. We’ll eat Thai food. I’ll go home at a reasonable time and get a good night’s rest. I might write in my journal. I might do some breathing. I might get on my yoga mat. I might take a bubble bath. Whatever it takes to leave my today behind and open myself up to the possibility of tomorrow.

And you know what? The reality is that tomorrow will be an entirely new day…


  1. Best ending ever. “It’s all going to be okay” is something I need to repeat to myself more often.

    1. Yes! It’s a good mantra, for sure :)

  2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I get out of your self exposing posts. This blog is an absolute gem and I get a rush every time I have the pleasure of being let into your heart. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. You’re a gift :)

    1. Thanks friend! Love you and your many gifts as well <3

  3. bellabodyjoy · · Reply

    love this…just smart ass checking in…did tomorrow really become an entirely new day?

    1. YES, it is SUCH a new day.. :)

  4. You are so right, that it is so important to put things in perspective!

  5. […] This post was inspired in part by Bekah Outside the Box and her post || Tomorrow is a New Day ||. […]

  6. My son’s pre-school teacher used to tell me that tomorrow is another day and at the time was a bit jaded and though: “yeah, more of the same.” but sometimes, you can get a pleasant surprise…breakthrough!

    1. Yes! I tend to believe that we see whatever it is we’re looking for….. so we should be careful about what we’re looking for!!!

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