How You Do Anything

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Consider this statement:

How you do anything is how you do everything.

What do I mean, you ask? I mean-

How you feed yourself is how you nourish yourself… ♥ Do you do it out of obligation? Do you savor each bite? Do you even notice that you’re eating amidst the flurry of distractions — tv, texting, work, not enough time, etc. — you have created? Do you allow yourself a moment of gratitude for the bounty in front of you? Do you multitask your way through breakfast? Do you choose foods of convenience over quality? Do you skimp?

How you drive your car is how you live your life…  Do you rush from one place to the next? Do you enjoy the scenery, noticing the beautiful sunset and the hawk sitting on a telephone line? Do you play with your iPhone as a distraction? Do you go with the flow?

How you stand in Warrior II is how you stand in discomfort in all areas of your life…  Do your shoulders bunch up around your ears? Do you forget to breathe? Do you soften into the trembling of your muscles, finding ease amidst the intensity? Do you distract by internally critiquing the form of the yogi on the mat next to yours? Do you harden and hold tight, counting down the seconds until it’s done?

How you approach meditation is how you approach your life… ♥ Do you know that it would be good for you and then talk yourself out of doing it anyway? Do you procrastinate until the very last minute? Do you procrastinate until it’s too late? Do you surrender? Do you give up when you’re halfway through? Do you fight it every step of the way? Do you stick with it out of sheer curiosity?

How you have sex is how you live your life…  Do you race to the finish? Do you enjoy the ride? Do you revel in the moment? Do you overthink it? Do you cling to the illusion of control? Do you let go and trust? Do you embrace creativity, play, silliness, intensity? Do you worry about what other people will think?

What if this moment was a microcosm of your entire life?

This moment matters.


  1. Great article. I’d like to add a similar sentiment… how our environmental footprint and negative health impact increases with noise level. For example… driving is louder than walking or biking, leaf blowers over raking, flying over train or car travel, industrial/manufactured food over organic farms… etc…

  2. Wonderful post! Many things to think about, thanks Bekah!

  3. Christina · · Reply

    Great article, raising many questions whose (honest) answers might provoke some very revealing answers – and consequently asking the inevitable question of how to change…maybe an idea for a follow-up post? Would look forward to it.

  4. That was lovely. I better be doing the right thing right now ;)

  5. betternotbroken · · Reply

    So true, I notice changes in my driving habits and have correlated it to the bigger life picture. Thank you for the mindfulness.

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