What Are You Looking For?


The other morning I found myself on Cloud 9. It wasn’t that everything was going smoothly — there were certainly things I could complain about. Yet I wasn’t complaining. In fact, I was filled with joy.

So what was different?

I realized that I was looking for (and seeing) all of the ways my life was perfect. I was noticing all the ways that things were exactly as they should be. I was seeing how right in that very moment, the intricate puzzle pieces of my complicated life were fitting together in a way that made sense.

Could I have focused on the fact that I was busy and tired? That my $4 chai tea tasted watery? That my friend and I had a missed connection that resulted in me at one coffee shop and her at another? That my day was going to consist of a series of frustrating meetings and never-ending Excel spreadsheets? Yes, yes, yes, and most definitely yes!

But I wasn’t looking for those things, I was looking for the good. 

I found myself reveling in the fact that I successfully made it to work on time after an early-morning yoga class and breakfast out. I was loving the small-town feel of Sacramento as I unexpectedly ran into a series of friends at the coffee shop. I was grateful for a quiet moment to read my horoscope (and omg it was so extraordinarily spot on…). I was appreciating the gorgeous fall weather that was visible from my office window. And so on and so forth.

When I looked for the bad, I saw bad everywhere. When I looked for the good, suddenly there was a plethora of good to celebrate. 

It’s funny how the mind works. We spend so much time convinced that we are at the mercy of life, that life is coming at us whether we are ready or not, but what that’s not true? What if we actually have the power to create our own experience? What if life is what we make of it? What if seeing good is as simple as choosing to look for it?

What if…. 


  1. duncan2014 · · Reply

    Thats super cute

  2. This is exactly what i was drafting a post about earlier today, from a slightly snarkier place. ;)

  3. How much time do you spend searching for pictures?

    1. Lolol, it’s a pretty organic process – usually doesn’t take very long at all to find the perfect one :)

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