You Get What You Give

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Have you ever found yourself thinking — “poor me, why don’t I have XY&Z?” (Yeah, me too.)

Maybe you look around the world and see other people who seem to have what you want…

Close heartfelt connections…
Sentimental gifts…
Loving family relationships…
Direct honest communication…
Or whatever else might be on your version of this list.

But tell me this: exactly what are you giving? 

Do you allow your vulnerable heart to be exposed to the people you hold dear? Or do you hold your feelings close to the vest waiting, wishing, hoping for the other person to make the first move?

Do you make it a priority to find and give sweet things to those around you? Or are you waiting to receive before it’s worth your while to give?

Do you offer your family the opportunity to interact with the best version of your adult self? Or do you allow yourself to revert back into a petulant child every time they come within 100 yards?

Do you directly communicate your needs to those around you? Or do you minimize your ‘stuff’ hoping that they will magically read your mind and act accordingly?

Yeah, I thought so. (I know because I do it too.)

But here’s the truth: what you put out there into the Universe is what you will receive, no more and no less. 

Now I’m not meaning to imply that simply because you allow yourself to become vulnerable with a friend, that they will automatically return the favor. It’s not a tit for tat sort of thing, and if you approach giving with an “I have an expectation that I will receive” sort of expectation, you will surely come up disappointed.

But I can’t help but think that there is a connection between what I’m putting out there, and what I’m receiving. That my words, thoughts, and actions set in motion what will eventually become my experience. And that my experience is entirely within my control.

So with that being the case, if my experience is not meeting my needs, then it begs the question: what am I am doing to support what is most important to me?

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