Enjoying the Moment!


You know those moments where it feels as though all of the moving pieces come together and click into place?

The lightbulb-turning-on “ah-ha!” kind of moment?

The moment where you stop trying so hard and (like clockwork) you find yourself realizing that the “it” you were seeking was there all along?

Were afterward you feel the compulsion to perform a private little Happy Dance because—despite your efforts to remain calm, cool, and collected—you’re really stoked?

Well (as you might have suspected) I had one of those moments tonight.

You see I teach yoga on Wednesday evenings and as a relatively new yoga teacher, every class I teach still feels like a major learning experience. (Maybe this will change as I teach more, or maybe not.) I struggle against my tendency to become my own harshest critic. I worry about piecing together the perfect sequence and forget to be present while teaching it. I obsess over things I said or didn’t say. I forget all the great advice I’ve given myself by way of this blog.

But tonight it clicked. 

Tonight my class was made up of a small but extraordinarily sweet group of people. Despite busy days and other distractions that could have kept them from their mats, each made space in their life for this hour of self-care. The positive energy was infectious. From the moment I walked in the studio door I felt a combination of calm + excitement permeating myself and the space. My often present laundry list of concerns was nowhere to be found, replaced instead by a sense of presence and peace that sustained throughout our hour together.

And you know what: it felt good. In fact, it felt great! 

Sure, we both know full well that tomorrow will be a new day. And for as excited as I am in this moment, future moments will arrive where I will feel the exact opposite. (Heck, I blog about those moments all the time!) But for right now, on this Wednesday evening, I’m taking a moment to simply revel in feeling good … And you know what? It’s a fun place to visit!

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