Happy Blogaversery! Celebrating One Year of Putting My ‘Secret Self’ Out There


I realized out of the blue this morning that it’s been an entire year since I nervously hit publish on that first Bekah Outside the Box blog post.  A whole year and 59 posts later, here I am still blogging, still putting my secret self out there into the Universe.  Who would have thought that this day would come? (Not me!)

And oh boy, a whole lot has happened over the past year!

So here’s to another year of truth seeking finding, relationship building, and living in the moment … I cannot even imagine what the next year of blogging will bring and I cannot wait to find out.


  1. Thanks for the highlights, I’m looking forward to clicking back through. Happy blogaversary!!

    1. Awe thanks!! And thanks for being an integral part of the blogging journey – I’m so glad you found my blog (and vice versa) – sending much love all the way to HI!

      1. Aw, thanks for the love! It is a pretty cool connection, isn’t it? Sort of feels like your blog is mine’s big sister… My baby turns 1 on Thanksgiving Day! :) have a terrific week!

  2. Robert Webster · · Reply

    May you never go back “Inside the Box!”

    1. I’ll *cheers* to that! :)

  3. Congratulations! That’s no small feat! :)

    1. Thank you Desiree!!

  4. Congrats!!! That’s awesome!!

  5. Happy bloggy anniversary! Certainly a milestone achieved, it’s so fun to look back on the changes and growth.

    1. Yes! It was an awesome trip down memory lane to read back through so many of them… So hard to believe it’s been an entire year, and yet completely believable at the same time!

  6. you are truly awesome! Happy blogaversary.

    1. Takes one to know one- thanks Elaine! :)

  7. The image says it all. And the writing makes me think twice.

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