The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways


I’m not typically a big fan of “the woo woo stuff” (as Michelle, my teacher and friend, calls it), but lately I’ve been thinking that the Universe — while mysterious — must have some sort of larger plan in mind.

I see glimpses of it in nature: the complex system through which plants convert the sun’s rays into energy, or the long perfectly straight line of ants marching to and from that sticky piece of candy I accidentally left on the counter last night. Connection and coordination of the thousands of little things necessary to make something big happen.

I see this truth within myself: I came to It’s All Yoga nearly two years ago during a difficult period. I found a practice that gave me the tools to begin unsnarling knots that for years had existed in my mind and in my body. I found a community of like-minded people who would support me (and me them) with heartfelt hugs and sweet before/after class discussions about life. I found a safe space where I could move, sweat, stretch, cry, dance, and let go. And as my physical body has become stronger and more flexible, so too has my mind.

Attending classes and teacher training with Michelle has been a hugely important piece of that transformation. You know how sometimes you attend a yoga class and it’s as if the teacher is speaking DIRECTLY TO YOU? The words they speak resonate with you, challenging your basic assumptions about who you are and what you’re all about in a way that you’re willing to hear? They manage to “get you out of your head and into your body”? That’s what Michelle’s classes have been like for me. Transformational is the only appropriate word to describe the overall experience.

Today was Michelle’s last class at IAY for the rest of 2013. She’ll be back (she BETTER be back! ;)) in late December, but as of today she’s getting ready to head off on a four-month NYC adventure.

And as for me, my usual Monday, Wednesday, Sunday routine will be markedly different — new teachers to learn from and new opportunities for continued growth (including the fact that I’ll be subbing for her Wednesday evening class- wowza, so excited!).

Transitions such as this one inevitably nudge us to look at things from a 30,000 foot view. Big picture, what is going on here? How did I get to this place? Is this where I expected to be? Am I happy to be here?

And in that recent process of reflection, I have found myself simply awestruck by the multitude of little moments that have added up to some pretty incredible things lately. And it strikes me as unlikely that all of this happened by accident. I reserve the right to be wrong about this one, but it seems as though there might be something bigger at work here…. But really, who knows, it might just have to remain a mystery.


  1. Robert Webster · · Reply

    And I thought the teacher was talking to me…:) You made quite a transformation in less than two years. I am glad to have been a small part of that journey and look forward to what lies down the path for you! And…you’re right – there are bigger forces at work. Enjoy the ride!

    1. 1.) they ARE talking to you… ;)
      2.) you’ve been a BIG part of that journey! you kept me coming at the beginning when it would have been easy to say “well that was a nice experiment, now back to regularly scheduled programming” and are a huge part of the IAY community! – speaking of Unity, hope to see you at the party on Saturday! :)

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