What You Focus On Expands


This week I did the Peel’d Juice Cleanse. Ok ok, let’s be honest — I didn’t so much as “cleanse,” but rather I drank a lot of juice and ate other food too.

See, I lasted exactly one-and-three-quarter days with the whole no meat, dairy, soy, wheat, beans, refined sugar (and so on and so forth) part. Then I watched myself delay way too long between meals, get way too hungry … and scarf down some of the most delicious pasta ever at dinner with a friend. Then, since I had already eaten pasta, I figured — what the hell, I’d love to order some desert. So I did.

Afterwards I felt defeated … I mean I had made a commitment to myself that this week would be healthy eating all the way, but I didn’t honor it. And it wasn’t as though I was stranded on a desert island with only pasta and ice cream sandwiches to eat, I had consciously selected this particular restaurant because it had plenty of healthy + delicious cleanse-appropriate options to choose from!

The remainder of the week wasn’t as blatantly off-the-wagon as my Tuesday misadventures, but I ate some cheese on Wednesday night, had hard-boiled eggs in my salad at lunch and bean salad with dinner on Thursday, and Friday dinner was grilled chicken and pasta salad, so I certainly didn’t maintain the elimination diet I had aspired to maintain that week.

As the week wore on and it became clear that I wasn’t going to be following the cleanse rules, I started to contemplate “the why” — why did I opt to sign up for this cleanse in the first place and what did I hope to get out of the experience? The answers were simple:


Lately I had been eating and feeling like crap. In doing this cleanse, I was hoping for a reset button. An opportunity to start over. To get back on track and again begin fueling my body with foods that make it feel vibrant and alive. To get out of my french fry eating rut.

But here’s the funny thing … I didn’t “follow the rules,” but last week I didn’t eat any french fries. And I didn’t have a single piece of candy. And I drank lots of water every day. And I didn’t consume any caffeine or alcohol. And I consumed more vegetables and fruits than I did in the last month combined. And not once did I stop for takeout on my way home. And my body felt great.


As I contemplated all the things that had gone right last week, I started to consider the possibility that I’d been looking at my week all wrong.

Yes I ate pasta, dairy, and meat, and I even ate a desert … but this was a D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C improvement over how I ate the week prior! And with this change in diet, my body immediately felt dramatically better.

Indeed, maybe I hadn’t “failed at the Peel’d cleanse,” but rather “succeeded at pushing a reset button on my eating habits,” which was my underlying goal all along! And you know what? The more I focus on the positives, the more successes I find myself noticing. Like a snowball, the list just keeps expanding the more I roll around with it.

Alright, your turn! Any recent failures that were perhaps actually successes in disguise? Always love to hear from you… :))

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  1. Good for you – I don’t make New Year resolutions because so many seem ripe for failure because the person didn’t take into account their own nature. I live by the Cub Scout motto, Do Your Best. But even still seem to be floundering around a bit lately without a single strong purpose, rather too many little ones, some of which conflict.

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