100+ Degree Weather & A Reminder that I’m Not In Charge


It’s been hot in Sacramento this week. No, I mean like really. hot. [See photo evidence above. Not kidding.] It’s so hot that I’ve taken up residence in the living room, to be closer to this contraption:


Which, despite being louder than a race car, can barely keep up with my cooling needs, so my apartment is consistently at a temperature I like to refer to as “not quite cool enough to be comfortable, but I’m not going to die of heat exposure.

My cat Lila hates the loud AC noise more than the heat and is boycotting the living room when the AC unit is running. Since the heat wave began, Lila has taken up residence in the bathroom, where she spends all day lying pitifully on the tile floor next to the toilet clearly waiting for her miserable existence to end.


Seriously, we’re a pitiful bunch.

But I’ve got things to do! 

But here’s the thing: this heat wave is seriously cramping my style! I mean, I had plans for this weekend that included practicing yoga at home, blogging, handling the stack of dirty dishes that had been staring back at me since mid-June, and cooking healthy food for myself instead of stopping at Chipotle on my way home and calling it “healthy enough” ….

Yet it’s been so hot that “practicing yoga” consists of sluggishly moving through a few shapes, then flopping down into something akin to a puddle and calling it “Savasana.” Blogging has been nonexistent because who wants to hold a hot laptop when it’s a billion degrees outside? I tried to wash those dishes in hot water and got so overheated that I had to take a cold shower to chill out. And last night I finally managed to “cook” for myself — I made a cold fruit & yogurt smoothie [okay, so the smoothie part was actually pretty awesome, yum!].

And all the while, I’ve been fixated on the weather report, as if maybe, just maybe, I could actually will it to be cooler. Like maybe if I say it often enough — “it’s soooooooooooo hot” — someone will hear me and abide by my will to bring the temperature down. As if I have any sort of say in the matter!

The laws of nature apply.

After hearing myself complain about the weather over and over again for three entire days in a row, I finally had to pause. What exactly did I hope to accomplish with all this whining and complaining? Did I think that I could control the weather?

Just in the nick of time, I stumbled across this passage from Judith Lasater’s book “A Year of Living Your Yoga” and it reminded me of exactly what I needed to remember:


Letting go means realizing that you were’t in charge anyway,” Lasater says. “We often worry about so many things, most of them beyond our control. Just today, let go whenever you can by embracing the understanding that you are not in charge of the world.

Like that momentary pause at the bottom of an exhale, reading this passage made everything go still. I am not in charge of the world. Sure, I have the option to fret and worry and wish things were not as they are, or I could let go and accept the truth of this moment — and whether I like it or not, my current truth is that it’s 11pm and 87 degrees outside. That’s just how things are right now and I am not in charge anyway.


  1. Often we complain about our British summers. We’ve just enjoyed three days of sunshine and enjoyed it but today is overcast and the temperature is 59 degrees F (although we call it 15C). On consideration I think I prefer it where I am; I can always put on another fleece.

    Bear with it Bekah; seasons come and seasons go.

    1. “seasons come and seasons go” — so true and such a great reminder.

  2. Got one word for you friend… Cooling pranayama. Since we did that exercise Sunday, taco tongue breathing has been my cooling friend.

    1. Yes! I’ve been playing with this… definitely useful :)

  3. bleary eyed from not sleeping last night but focused enough to read this beautiful reminder…..

  4. It’s exhausting worrying about things outside of your control. It’s also exhausting being too uncomfortable to sleep. I can see it goes both ways.

    1. Cracking. Me. Up.

  5. Robert Webster · · Reply

    You COULD pretend you are taking a Bikram class with all the free heat! :) LOVE the post-I’ve missed your blog! Remember Michelle’s advice to “feel” instead of “feel good”…

    1. Hahaha, my mantra will be: “I feel gratitude for all of this free heat!” :)))

  6. Aw, poor Lila – we used to put ice cubes in the cats’ water bowls and they would look at us like we were trying to pull something over on them. Have you tried the trick of running cold water on your wrists? I learned this from my grandma and refused all through childhood that it works, but it does. (won’t help poor kitty any, but you can at least help yourself.)

    1. Haha, Lila does the same! So suspicious… The other night I wet her fur with a washcloth and set her by the fan, which she LOVED! (said in the most sarcastic manner possible- though it did seem to help)

      As for me, I’ve been alternating between embracing being a sweaty mess and cold showers/wet hair. I’ll have to try the cold water on the wrist idea though…Thanks!

  7. Oh my goodness, yes, these last few days have been ridiculously hot!!! I live in the Sac area as well. Ice water has been my bestfriend these last few days! Oh and my kitty enjoys hanging out in the bathroom too. -CAT

  8. This is such a good thing to remember – we aren’t in control! I am in northern Idaho where the weather is usually a balmy 75-80 degrees. It has been in the high 90s here with no air conditioning in our rental house. I’ll be back in town in a week or so if you want to use the pool. Of course, it’ll probably cool down by then!

  9. Wow that is hot! I liked that yoga quote at the end.

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