You Write the Story

power in looking silly

Have you ever said to yourself — “Who, me? I could never do that!

Yeah, me too.

In fact, it’s been my go-to self-limiting statement for years.

Who, me? I could never:

  • Dance like I don’t care who is watching.
  • Fly solo to an event, movie, or dinner out.
  • Survive a night without television or my iPhone to keep me company.
  • Shoot a gun.
  • Get on my yoga mat at home every single day.

I could never do those things because I might look silly. Or it would be hard, uncomfortable, or awkward. I might feel paralyzed with fear.  I could  feel powerful beyond measure. It would take a major commitment. There might be sacrifice involved. And you know what, I’m just not “that kind of” person. 

But here’s the real deal:

I can do these things, if I want to. 

It’s entirely up to me.

In fact, no one else is really even paying attention because they’re too busy writing their own stories.

So friends, I’m putting you on notice: this Summer, I intend to experiment with re-writing some of my longtime stories.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my Summer Fun List (aka, a list of “things I could never do” — like go to a zumba class! — that I’m going to go ahead and do anyway) and it’s set to launch on Friday. {Got fun suggestions about what I should include? … leave them in the comments below or send them by email!}

Get ready: it’s about to get silly up in here!

Want in on the fun? Come up with your own list of Summer Fun activities — things you have always secretly wanted to do, but told yourself you couldn’t — and join me! Post your list below or on your own blog and share the link. The more the merrier!


  1. Loved the title and story .

  2. The Pick Man · · Reply

    Hi Bekah,

    I have two thoughts about this post:

    “I could feel powerful beyond measure.” Yeah, you wish. If only!


    “In fact, no one else is really even paying attention because they’re too busy writing their own stories.” This is so true.

    The temptation is to live one’s life as though the world is watching and waiting to either applaud or condemn us. That’s an illusion. As you so rightly say, other people are so busy living their own lives, and no doubt subject to the same illusion, that what we are doing usually passes them by.

    Perhaps that’s the reason that some of us blog. It’s a little like waving a flag and saying, “Hey, I’m over here.”

    And a P.S.
    I love the refreshing way that you express yourself.

  3. Good for you! It might be a little uncomfortable and you might want to revert to your old ways, but stick to your intent – it is very freeing.
    I wish I’d had the Amy Poehler quotation when I posted on this topic:

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