And Just Like That, We’re Done … Or Are We Just Beginning?


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Well, yesterday was the conclusion of our yoga teacher training weekends. Five months of meeting with the same 13 people every-other-weekend … done for good.

In some respects, it feels unfathomable, like it couldn’t possibly really be over … as if maybe two weeks from now Michelle will jump out from behind a stack of bolsters and shout — “surprise, we’ve got an extra weekend planned!!

Yet it also feels like a relief. Five months of juggling a full-time job, yoga school, homework, my own yoga and meditation practice, self-care, teaching yoga, making time for friends and family, oh yeah, and attempting to have a semblance of a life outside of yoga was a WHOLE LOT to manage. Last night I went to a friend’s neighborhood block party and felt an incredible sense of lightness — no homework to think about, no deep philosophical topics on my mind — just a frivolous laughter-filled, evening with good friends and a red solo cup filled with beer. I adored every moment of it.

I also feel an immense sense of gratitude … for the entirety of the experience, for my fellow TT’s who were each an integral part of this journey, for all of you—the wonderful community of people who have cheered me on via the interwebs, for my family and friends’ endless patience, for all the awesome guinea pigs who have willingly shown up for my messy practice yoga classes … and for everyone else who was involved, thank you!

I feel empowered … like I’ve now got countless new tools in my yoga + meditation + pranayama + philosophy + anatomy + self-care toolbox to employ throughout a lifetime of practice. I feel like “yoga” has infiltrated every nook and cranny of my life and will be entertwined there in some capacity forever.

I feel energized. I have a whole list of things we’ve touched on during teacher training that I now want to explore further — at my own pace. It’s the morning after, and I’m already getting started (not to worry though, in just a few moments I’ll be heading off for some more of that frivolous fun stuff, I talked about earlier!).

I feel curious. I’ve been able to get myself to do a lot of things that used to really scare me. As a result, some long-held stories have been called into question, which, in turn, makes me wonder about the validity of other stories… It’s exciting to be in a place where the answers are not all apparent.

And I know that it doesn’t end here. In fact, in a strange way, the end of teacher training feels like more of a beginning, than an ending. I can’t wait to see what comes next!


  1. It IS the beginning, Bekah –
    the beginning of being a teacher,
    and a lifelong learner –
    As teachers we’re continually reflecting –
    about our practice and about our students.

    I love your comment that ‘some long held stories have been called into question’ –
    that’s personal development –
    Enjoy it, and keep us posted –
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs,
    and look forward to more –
    thank you and good luck!

    Emma x.

    1. Thanks Emma!! <3

  2. Robert Webster · · Reply

    Congrats! Love the visual of Michelle jumping out from behind a stack of bolsters! Maybe you should incorporate that in your next class – great way to shake us up!

    1. hahaha, i’ll take it under consideration! :))

  3. How exciting for you to be beginning a new stage in your life, complete with a new set of skills and tools!

    1. thanks Elaine!! xoxo

  4. Cheers to the last 5 months of friendship, partnership, ups, downs and most of all love and support! All kinds of excitement towards what comes next! xoxo…such an honor to have met you 5 months ago and excited for the lifetime ahead of us.

    1. right back at you! xoxoxo

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